To build with care

I can describe my work of translation of the existing space as the moment when, climbed an alpine peak we look at the landscape from above we spontaneously fill our lungs with air and we proudly scream, waiting with confidence for the return of the echo. What we hear few seconds later is no longer our voice but its sound that returns after agreeing with the morphology of the places, the size of the space and the character of the material. In this work of rewriting places and spaces, the material confidently translates thought into the reality of construction; it becomes precision but also an experience of touching and feeling; leads us in many of my works in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere where the light meets wood and the water meets stone. In my idea of space the analogy helps to connect, to give continuity to the relationship between construction and materiality. For these reasons I usually talk in my works about the search for the spirit of places, the atmospheres of space but also the representation of a use or the relationship of the new with the context. To be able to translate all this, you need to collaborate with good craftsmen, skilled builders, careful connoisseurs of materials and construction techniques and through those skills the desired atmosphere can be achieved, that is, that precise feeling that pervades all their experiences. Thus a place, a space, through the skillful hand of the architect acquire a certain way of being. Proportions, materiality and light are the tools to match the space for use according to a precise surrounding. To obtain this atmosphere, as I said earlier you have to cooperate with other professionals but it is not still enough to be a skilled builder, a careful connoisseur of construction techniques: anyone must know how to take care of things and people, just as anyone must take care of the partner when climbing the top of a mountain, too. So I think that the time to carefully build a space is meaningfull, is very important to define carefully the relationships between the elements and also to identified the techniques. I believe that to build well, all these aspects must be matched and to do this we need time, the time of caring. The first assignment for an architect is to build with care.